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The Carbuncle Corner Web Site

Welcome to the wonderful world of Carbuncle Corner, enjoyed by viewdata readers since 1992, and once described by someone fairly important as the "monstrous lump" which has been built on the edge of the World Wide Web to make the place look untidy.

The latest major update to the Web Site was on 7th January 2024.

For a full list of what's new and dates of individual area and page updates, please see the Site Map, indexed below.

The Carbuncle Collection:-

Nick Harvey's Comment Sit yourself down, pick the edition that you fancy, then take a light hearted look at life from Nick's rather twisted perspective.
The Old Groaner Another chance to read some of those pre-historic jokes that you'd really hoped would never dare to darken your door again.
Places of Interest An irregular, and sometimes totally irreverent, series of travel items, only updated when there's somewhere new to write about.
Communications Topics An occasionally updated area with a series of rather more technical articles on a wide variety of telecommunications subjects.
The Correspondence Column This is where you can get to have your say published to the world, on anything that you've found in and around Carbuncle Corner.
Silicon Village Nostalgia This is a section of unashamed nostalgia, especially prepared for the past members of the old Silicon Village viewdata service.
Current Guest Links This famous section of Carbuncle Corner has been given an area of its very own, to showcase our favourite other parts of the Web.
Legal and Copyright Notice Here is all that small print that certainly looks rather boring, but that you really ought to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest.
The Site Map This is the place to go, if you want to plan your complete route around all the pages which comprise the Carbuncle Web Site.
The Front Page The front page of our Carbuncle Site features a picture of the Carbuncle Cottage, where it lurks on the edge of the World Wide Web.

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If you are having difficulties, or have any general comments on the layout, please use the private e-mail option from the Correspondence Column page, indexed above.