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Nick Harvey's Comment originated, back in 1978, as an occasional hospital radio feature, poking fun at purely local issues. Two years later, in 1980, it became a regular weekly fixture. Since then it has continued, on and off, as the spoken word on a number of radio stations in a number of different locations.

A more national version of Comment then appeared as the written word, from 1991 onwards, on the viewdata service, Silicon Village. This latest incarnation of the written version sees its transfer to its own pages in Carbuncle Corner on the World Wide Web.

Nick Harvey's Comment is intended to be taken in a totally light-hearted manner by the reader or listener. Little or nothing in any edition should ever be taken very seriously. Such matters as political correctness are a totally unknown concept where Comment is concerned. The main idea for each edition is that some poor, unfortunate subject get bashed about and taken to pieces for no particular reason except the entertainment value.

The hammering of fingers to keyboard for each edition of Comment takes place in a partially darkened room in deepest Wiltshire. That's in southern England, by the way, for all you thousands of people now reading from abroad.

A new edition normally appears on the first day of each month, though Comment is currently taking a break for a few months and will be back in due course.

So I don't end up wasting my time in some courtroom, somewhere, I need to tell you that the views expressed in Nick Harvey's Comment are the personal opinions of the author, and may or may not coincide with those of the webmaster of Carbuncle Corner or any carriers involved with the delivery of the articles.

I'd better also warn you that the contents of Nick Harvey's Comment are copyright and I'm liable to get very, very annoyed if you pinch them and re-use them without asking for permission in writing beforehand. It's long and boring I know, but I must direct you to the formal Legal and Copyright Notice for the whole of the web site, so I'm legally covered. There's a link to that in the box below.


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