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CALLER DISPLAY may be switched on with the command *234#, you check it with *#234# and you switch it off with #234#.

CALLER DISPLAY is the service where your telephone displays the number of the person calling you BEFORE you pick it up and answer it. The numbers of up to the last 99 callers can be stored for reference in some models of telephone.

As well as the charge for the service, you will need a special telephone with a display, which you can either rent or buy. Names can be attached to the numbers in the store on some of the telephones, so if that person calls you again, their name is also displayed before you answer.

Certain numbers will not be available to you. The numbers which cannot currently be made available to the receiving telephone include some on networks other than BT's, including many countries abroad.

In order to protect the identity of callers who don't want their number known to the person they're calling, it is possible for ANY customer to key 141 before the number they are calling, in order to stop the passing of their number on an individual call basis.

Ex-directory numbers ARE normally passed to the receiving telephone. Unless an ex-directory customer takes special action, their number WILL be sent to the party they are calling. As well as the 141 facility, it is possible for customers to stop the passing of their number on ALL calls except those when they they use *231*<number># or key 1470 before the number they are calling. Contact BT for this facility.


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