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Select Services Codes

They were first called Star Services, then became Network Services and the latest name is Select Services. BT seem incapable of keeping their name the same for any length of time, but the functions change little.  That's if you know exactly what the functions are, as BT are also very tight lipped on what some of them do.

The list is in numerical order of function number.  Please click on the function number to get further details of the service and how to use the commands.

I've had great difficulty finding a COMPLETE list anywhere, so here are the ones I've found out so far from various official and unofficial sources.  Please use the mail route at the bottom of the page if you know any more that I can add.


001 Check Services in Use
002 Cancel ALL Diversions
21 Divert All Calls
227 Anonymous Call Rejection
231 Release Withheld  Number
234 Caller Identity Display
261 Incoming Call Barring
27 Number of Last Caller
28 Call Back Last Caller
34 Outgoing Call Barring
37 Ring Back When Free
40 Single Charge Advice
411 Charge Advice All Calls
43 Call Waiting
44 Remote Diversion All Calls
51 Store Code Calling Number
52 Last Number Dialled
55 Single Reminder Call
56 Reminder Call Programme
61 Divert on No Reply
64 Remote Diversion on No Reply
65 Remote Diversion on Busy
66 Divert on No Reply AND Busy
67 Divert on Busy


Whether some or all of these codes will work from your BT line will depend on which services you rent. If you try any of them and get the nice lady saying "Sorry, the service requested is not available", then you'll need to ring BT and shell out some money to get them working.


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