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Call Barring


INCOMING CALL BARRING is switched on with *261#, checked with *#261# and switched off with #261#.

OUTGOING CALL BARRING is switched on with the command *34<option>#, can be checked with *#34# and is switched off with #34<option>*<password>#.

On MOST exchanges, but NOT all, the parameter <option> is a single digit, with 1 for all calls except 112, 15x and 999; 2 for all but local calls; 3 for international calls; 4 for operator connected calls and 5 for all Select Services except cancelling the Call Barring.

The parameter <password> is the secret code given to you by BT which must be used in order to cancel Call Barring.

Be warned, do NOT attempt to switch on this service to try it unless you know the secret code to switch it off again.


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